Founded in 1990, the Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan has developed into a vibrant group of diverse professionals of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds who unite together to work on local and global humanitarian aid. Weekly meetings are held in English on Tuesday evenings at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade in the Hague.

During the weekly meetings, our members dine together, discuss the progress of our local and global aid projects and enjoy a presentation from outstanding, diverse guest speakers who are usually leaders in their field. Once a month members may bring their partners to the club meetings.

The RCTHM warmly welcomes guests who would be interested to learn more about the club to attend a meeting. The club values members of all nationalities, gender, culture and professional classification who wish to share their talents and expertise to benefit others.

The RCTHM is part of the global organization Rotary International and the values and goals of Rotary International are central to our club. For more information please visit

Community Service

For most local Rotary Clubs the CSC (Community Service Committee) is the most important source of activity in the club. After all, most clubs are part of the community they are a part of and most organise a fund raising activity to help finance a good cause that helps the community one way or another.

For RCTHM, the International Service Committee is actually the most important centre of actively attempting to alleviate the lot of others. By others people from outside the town (The Hague) and country (the Netherlands) of residence are meant.

However, this does not imply that the club is not actively promoting making an effort for the community. Anything but, one should say. The club has always been active in trying to help and be useful for the community.

Activities for elderly people have been developed from the start. Trips to the bird park Avifauna, later on boat trips over the nearby lakes of Kaag and Brasem, a trip at sea, along the North Sea coast, seeing Scheveningen from another angle. Lately visits to charming places like the pavilion at “de Horsten” or the pancake restaurant at “Meijendel”, both in Wassenaar.

The club has also been physically active for the community in cleaning municipal greenery and parks, actively helping judge at the world famous rose competition at Westbroekpark in The Hague.

The club is also keen and active in helping to support children from underprivileged families. Yearly an outing is being organised together with the institute “Bergse Bos” in Rotterdam.

A wonderful bird show, or a visit to the Science Park in Delft and at other times a nice cinema visit with a simple but satisfying meal afterwards. These are a few examples of RCTHM’s activities in the field of Community Service.