Raindrop in an oyster

Congratulations to our long serving member Badri Madan on his new book launch!

Raindrop in an Oyster Is an autobiography by Badri Madan written to be a source of inspiration to younger generations in the Indian diaspora and to all of those who read it.

It depicts his journey through life and how the hardships that Badri faced as a child of Partition developed his character. The book describes his journey through the refugee camps, settling in Faisalipur Majra,his education in Panipat and Chandigar and his decision to leave India in order to study International Law in the The Hague Academy of International Law at the Peace palace in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands Badri raised a loving family, contributed to the local community and played a significant part in building cultural, economic, and social relations between the communities of India and the Netherlands. Badri received the Royal Award, “Ridder in de orde van Oranje -Nassau”, from the King of the Netherlands in 2018. His book is a rich tapestry of memoirs and life lessons. All of us at RCTHM wish Badri every success with this wonderful book!

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