A healthy start for children in Suriname

Many children in Suriname have an increased risk of serious health problems in the future. The Generation HealthWise project focuses on children and parents so that they make healthier choices about nutrition and lifestyle. With your help we can ensure that they have a healthier future. Let’s work together for a healthier future in Suriname, where every child has the opportunity to live a healthier life.

The project

Children who grow up in poverty are more likely to have health problems later in life. The Generation HealthWise project is a preventive health care program for school children in Suriname. The project aims to make children and their environment aware of healthy food and lifestyle. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the key to a healthy future. With this project we want to reduce health inequality. We support children who need extra help. In this way we help them on their way to a healthy future. We do this not only for children, but also with their parents and the wider community.

The need

In Suriname, families with lower incomes face major challenges that make healthy choices difficult. This has serious health consequences. This includes cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a shorter life expectancy compared to children in the Netherlands. With Generation HealthWise we believe in change. We want to tackle this inequality and offer equal opportunities to all children in Suriname.

Our target group

We understand the importance of teaching at school and how it can influence attitudes and behavior. That is why we focus on schoolchildren in Suriname with the Generation HealthWise project. We pay special attention to families with lower incomes, because they have an increased risk of health problems. Our target group includes:

  • Children from 4 to 11 years old in Suriname.
  • Young people up to 16 years old (secondary).
  • Parents and communities that belong to this target group.


We create teaching materials to provide clear and easily understandable information about healthy nutrition and lifestyle to children, parents and communities.
We actively work with local partners such as schools, local radio and television stations to disseminate this information.
Furthermore, this information remains available through online media and an accessible online library for children and parents


We organize workshops on budget and nutrition in schools and community centres, and we also organize cooking demonstrations.
We set up sports activities for families so that they can participate in sports programs together. This helps people understand why a healthy lifestyle is important and encourages healthy changes.
We share information about healthy food and lifestyle during local events.

Community projects

We provide gardening training to children and families so they can start and maintain their own vegetable garden. This helps them to grow healthy food themselves. We provide families with the necessary tools and seeds if they have available land.
We also support:
School and community gardens where families can grow fruit and vegetables so that fresh and nutritious food is and remains available.
The construction of playgrounds and sports fields in the community so that families can be active together.

Make a donation

Every donation is very welcome, regardless of size! Smaller and larger donations are invaluable in supporting children with health inequalities. However, with larger donations you can have an even greater impact. Additionally, larger donations give you more control over how the money is spent and can result in tax benefits.

From a donation of 5,000 euros you can indicate your specific wishes for the destination of your donation. We are happy to discuss with you how we can best use your donation.

Would you rather make a donation via bank transfer? Then transfer the desired amount to account number NL94 ABNA 0580 807 320 in the name of Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan. Please include ‘Generation HealthWise 2023 – 2024’ as reference. 

All cash flows related to donations, gifts and expenses go through the Rotary Foundation. This guarantees that every donation goes 100% to Generation HealthWise.