Iratag’s School Library​ the Philippines

The project aims to establish a school library and provide essential educational materials to enhance the learning experience, foster a love for reading, support academic success, promote research and critical thinking, ensure educational equity, and create a conducive learning environment for all students of Iratag Elementary School.​ More than 100 students will and faculty members will benefit of this project, including all future students.

Matatag and Iratag: Iratag’s School Library​

Matatag means strength/resilience, and Iratag is the name of the tribe. 65% of the school’s population is part of the indigenous tribe in the area. The city beside the school lobrary is called Puerto Principesa, with a population of around 300.000. The island of Palawan is populated by almost 1 million.

Let’s create something better together!

Currently the ‘library’ is shared with the principal office which has proven to be not the best way to help the students. It also lacks the necessary educational materials and room to study. The new library will help more than 100 students in their educational journey.


Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan (NL) is supporting the local organisation of JCI Philippines (Junior Chamber International, JCI Puerto Princesa Kiao) through a fund raising event. ​The local connection will ensure that collected funds will be transferred directly to the beneficiary on Palawan. 

Spring Charity Buffet in The Hague

You are invited to our Spring Charity Buffet: A Taste of the Philippines!

Visitors will enjoy an authentic Filipino meal, plus entertainment (Bingo, Raffle, Live Music, and a Filipino host). Tickets will include one free non-alcoholic drink, one Bingo sheet and one Raffle ticket. Paid bar service and additional Bingo or Raffle tickets.

Saturday, 6th April 2024, Dinner 18:00 – 21:00

Church of Our Saviour
Helenastraat 8
2595 HA Den Haag

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You can also sponsor this project directly by clicking on this Tikkie link. This link is valid until April 16 2024.

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