The Power to Heal, Fellowship Weekend 2017

About the project

Enjoy some wonderful events throughout an entire weekend hosted by the Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan, in support of our project “The Power to Heal”, which aims to provide and install solar panels at the Global Hospital & Research Center, Mount Abu, India.

The Power To Heal is a joint effort by Rotary Club Mount Abu, India and Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan, The Netherlands. In support of J. Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre in Mount Abu, India, we aim to install a solar power system. A sustainable solution for a sustainable hospital and sustainable health care. The hospital has an outstanding track record. In their 25 years, never has a patient been turned away for want of money to pay the bill. Annually they perform 100,000 free consultations in the hospital and 36,000 in the field.

The project supports Global Hospital with installing a solar power system, to become largely grid independent. A sustainable solution for a hospital with a proven track record. In order for them to continue taking care of people, for years to come, without interruption.

Click here to visit the J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre website.
Healthcare for all and free admission for the poor. Annually, 100,000 consultations, 3500 admissions, 1500 operations.
24000 consultations per year at the doorstep of villagers including 600 hospital referrals.
2500 free cataract operations per year and checkups for 20000 villagers.
Partnering with Rotary International, there are more than 5000 blood donors per year.

The Fellowship Weekend, May 11, 2017 - May 14, 2017

Recommended arrival

Guests may arrive at the end of the day, Thursday, May 11, 2017 (preferably), or Friday morning May 12, 2017. The program will start around 10.00 am on Friday May 12, 2017.


Schiphol airport is recommended. The Hague is nearby and easy to reach with a convenient 30-minute train ride from Schiphol Airport Station to Den Haag Central Station.


You will stay 3 (three) nights at the Crowne Plaza The Hague - Promenade hotel. It’s situated between dynamic Scheveningen, the Embassy District and the centre of Royal The Hague. The wooded Van Stolkpark forms a peaceful environment around the hotel. Extended stays can of course be accommodated with timely notice.

Local transportation

All local transportation for the program will be arranged for you. Of course we will gladly assist you with any further local transportation needs.

Program, Friday, May 12, 2017

A walking and canal tour, showing the city of The Hague in all it’s diversity, including a visit to two of its absolute highlights.

Houses of parliament

The 13th-century Knights' Hall (Ridderzaal) is a spectacular historic building still used for the opening of parliament each September. This large Gothic hall boasts many magnificent stained glass windows depicting the coats of arms of Dutch towns, as well as the spectacular Rose Window with the arms of the principal noble families of the Netherlands.

The Senate

When it was built mid 17th century, Holland's power and wealth was abundantly shown with beautiful painted ceilings, gilded columns and a striking gold-painted fireplace, allegorical paintings (representing) War and Peace. Today, it’s still in active use for plenary meetings of the Senate.

Maurithuis Museum

Just around the corner of the Houses of Parliament lies the handsome Mauritshuis, a monumental yet elegant residence built in classical style in 1641, one of Holland’s most important museums. Highlights include Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson, Vermeer's View of Delft, Jacob van Ruisdael's View of Haarlem and Rogier van der Weyden's Lamentation, a masterpiece of medieval painting. And who does not know “The girl with a pearl earring”, the captivating painting by Johannes Vermeer, which formed the base for a movie with Scarlet Johansen in 2003.

Program, Saturday, May 13, 2017


Known as the Garden of Europe, it’s one of the world's largest flower gardens. Approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which covers an area of 32 hectares (79 acres). It features a variety of gardens and garden styles. For example, the English landscape garden features winding paths and unexpected see-through points (designed by Zocher in 1830). The nature garden consists of a water garden where shrubs and perennials are combined with bulbous plants. The Japanese country garden is a non-traditional garden in a natural environment. It open’s only for two month’s every year, in spring time of course!

Peace Palace

The famous Peace Palace (Vredespaleis), constructed between 1907-13, was largely paid for by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Built in a mix of Gothic and Neoclassical styles, it's flanked on its long arcaded façade with its steeply pitched roof and 80-meter-high tower. Home to the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Academy of International Law and a library of international law, it boasts a rich interior décor contributed by numerous countries.

Gala Dinner

Saturday evening a gala dinner will be held in support of our project in India, The Power To Heal. An ambitious project to provide a stable and sustainable power source for a hospital that has already eared it’s stripes with their cleft lip program, blindness prevention programs and much more. Annually they provide thousands of free consultations and operations to those that are not able to provide for themselves. Expect some wonderful entertainment, among others from India of course.

For individual tickets for the Gala Dinner, please click here.

Program, Sunday, May 14, 2017

Panorama Mesdag Museum

Housed in a specially made rotunda, Panorama Mesdag is a gigantic painting measuring 120 meters in length and 14 meters in height that was painted by HW Mesdag and his wife, along with artists of the Hague School. This stunning scene depicts coastal Scheveningen as it was around 1880, with charming views of the sea, the beach, and dunes. Designed to create the illusion of 3D, this spectacular circular painting - the largest in the world - is indirectly lit from above, and thanks to its large sand dune with a number of real objects, creates the illusion that you're standing in the middle of this beautiful landscape.

Scheveningen Beach

Finally we will make it to the real beach and seaside resort of Scheveningen. Stroll the boulevard, relax in a beach chair and see the world pass by. Or go bungee jumping to see the world upside down. Or see the world from above, by taking a ride on Europe's first Ferris wheel constructed over sea. The Ferris wheel is over 40 meters high and has 36 closed gondolas with air conditioning. Alternatively, there is another hidden gem to visit, the Museum Beelden aan Zee.

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